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We excel in complexity and strive towards

Palmarium is a financial services firm specializing in alternative investments with a focus on private equity, wealth management and advisory services.

Operating as one firm, we leverage all of our group businesses on behalf of our clients, partners and the companies in which we invest, while drawing strength from the exceptional depth of our team’s industry specific knowledge and global network.

Uncompromising commitment to our clients

Our clients stem from diverse backgrounds, including successful business owners, entrepreneurs and families as well as institutional investors and multinational corporations.

These exceptional individuals oftentimes oversee complex businesses that span across a wide range of industry sectors and geographical diversity, while being exposed to a broad spectrum of risks and opportunities.

We help protect, grow and enjoy their wealth and businesses and strive to be a confidant and partner with a clear alignment of interests, oftentimes co-investing side-by-side, with the clear focus on building and maintaining lasting relationships.

Entrepreneurs at Heart

Dating back to the 1970s, the founders of Palmarium have been involved in a wide range of businesses and geographies. Having successfully built a diversified group of companies that operate in the areas of oil and gas, mining and infrastructure, real estate and hotels, as well as insurance and financial services.

In 2012 Palmarium was originally created to manage the Shareholders ambitions to invest into a range of alternative asset classes. Starting with Fine Art Investments, Palmarium soon grew from a specialized single-family office to an integrated full service financial services firm.